Innovating with Healthcare Providers Online

About the Skidmore Consulting Client

  • CLIENT: Aloha Acupuncture
  • INDUSTRY: Healthcare
  • LOCATION: Orlando, Florida, USA


Dr. Donna knows that in the increasingly competitive healthcare industry, her credentialed expertise and holistic approach to client care are essential differentiators. But, what are the best ways to connect with the community and individuals needing holistic solutions? Dr. Donna knew she needed to compliment her in-person business development efforts with a strong online presence highlighting her approach to healthcare. She knew Skidmore Consulting’s reputation for guiding professional service providers in strategies and tactics to maximize their online presence.


Dr. Donna has been a friend of the firm for years! We were so excited when she reached out and was ready to next level her practice’s online presence. Skidmore Consulting worked alongside Dr. Donna, providing her strategy and coaching to strengthen her digital business footprint. And, we love working with industry innovators as they deliver new and impactful services to their clients (well, in this case patients!).


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Coaching

5 Star Client Review on Google

“I’ve been receiving marketing coaching from Dr. Sarah and the service has been outstanding. Professional, personal and innovative. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah Skidmore.” – Dr. Donna

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