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About the Skidmore Consulting Client

  • CLIENT: aRise to Greatness
  • INDUSTRY: Professional Service Provider
  • LOCATION: San Diego, California, USA


Dr. Que is like many of our entrepreneur clients – she knew she needed digital marketing and wanted to partner with experts! At the time, she had recently launched her small business and wanted to get her brand up and run online ASAP. As an entrepreneur, she also knew she couldn’t wear all the hats and wanted to delegate her digital marketing needs to a team who ‘knew what they were doing.’


Skidmore Consulting was ecstatic to deliver digital marketing consultation and digital marketing services for Dr. Que’s firm! And, what’s the best way to know a client is happy? When they refer their colleagues to your firm of course! We are happy to have served Dr. Que digital marketing services within her budget and deadline.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Star Client Review on Google

“Dr. Sarah is the TRUTH!!! She is serious about her craft and it shows up in the work that she does. She is a Marketing Genius and her campaigns get results. She is very personable and will always greet you with a genuine smile and warm spirit. You cannot find a more knowledgeable and caring professional. Trust her with your consulting needs, you will NOT be disappointed.” – Dr. Que, Entrepreneur

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