Skidmore Consulting Leadership Workshop Case Study

Skidmore Consulting Leadership Workshop: Visioning Case Study

About the Client

The client of this 3-Hour Visioning Session was the executive team of a small business in the professional services industry.

About the Visioning Session

Using Appreciative Inquiry, each stage of the Dream + Think Session was specifically designed by Dr. Sarah Skidmore to include activities and discussions that achieve client objectives. This leadership workshop was a three-hour, in-person session with Skidmore Consulting.

Define & Discover Stage // The Define & Discover stage is about identifying themes and areas of focus.

Dream Stage // The Dream stage is about visioning, creative thinking, and unrestrictive ideation.

Design Stage // The Design stage starts the shift from a mere dream to a reality.

Destiny Stage // The Destiny stage is when the vision is brought to fruition.

Hear from the participants

Case Study - Participant Feedback Skidmore Consulting

Define Stage During the Visioning Session

Purpose // What’s next for the small consulting firm?

Objective // Spend time with the firm’s key leaders to ideate and dream

Method // Facilitated activities with an external consultation

Participants // Top three leaders within the organization

Values // We value stories – narrative – and appreciation. This is collaboration.

  • Our minds stay focused on ‘why & potential’ as opposed to feasibility & appropriateness.
  • We commit to learning together.
  • We commit to dreaming.
  • And, we commit to thinking in big ways.

Discover Stage During the Visioning Session

Dr. Sarah facilitated the Appreciation Exercise with the participants to set the minds & mood in a positive state for the session ahead. Participants were provided a hard-copy of the activity worksheet. The worksheet served as a tool to allow participants to brainstorm and track their ideas during the activity. Dr. Sarah facilitated an interactive discussion and codified participant responses on a shared visual space.

Case Study // Visioning Session // Discover // Skidmore Consulting

Dream Stage During the Visioning Session

Dr. Sarah facilitated the SOAR Analysis as a way to promote ideation among the participants. The majority of the session was spent in the Dream Stage. Participants were allowed time for individual reflection before joining for group collaboration. Dr. Sarah used the SOAR Analysis opposed to the SWOT Analysis in visioning sessions to promote a culture of positivity and potential opposed to scarcity.

Case Study // Visioning Session // Dream // Skidmore Consulting

Design Stage During the Visioning Session

During the Dream Stage, participants cultivated countless ideas and initiatives. But, what happened with all those ideas? During the Design Stage, Dr. Sarah helped the participants prioritized ideas within the time buckets (< 1, 1, 5, 10, & 25 years) & owners on a shared visual space within the room.

Case Study // Visioning Session // Design // Skidmore Consulting

Destiny Stage During the Visioning Session

The Destiny Stage Happens after the Visioning Session. Destiny is the participants living and shaping the plane they created. Skidmore Consulting partners with clients long after the Visioning Session through continued