Leadership Workshop Case Study

Skidmore Consulting leadership workshop Case Study

About the Client

The client of this leadership workshop was the board consisting of six leaders. The board represented the local chapter of a professional association.

Leadership workshop objectives

  • Explain the importance of leader development to accompany the technical expertise of professionals.
  • Understand how the leadership principle of systems dynamics offers a non-linear approach when addressing challenges and the future.
  • Explore a systems tool available to professionals.
  • Grow in appreciation of diverse thinking and perspectives.

About the Workshop

Dr. Sarah provided a workshop and training on the leadership principles of systems thinking. Using the Social Network Analysis (SNA) tool, Dr. Sarah led the participants to explore systems dynamics within their industry area.

Hear from the workshop participants

Case Study - Leadership Workshop Skidmore Consulting

Leadership Learning: Systems Thinking

Dr. Sarah starts every lab with a leadership learning to shape the session and activities. The focus of this lab was about understanding the Board’s role in their larger industry. Systems thinking is the perfect leadership concept for exploring that focus. Dr. Sarah facilitated conversation, used multi-media, and shared expertise during the teaching.

Case Study - Leadership Workshop Skidmore Consulting // Leadership Learning

Lab Activity: Social Network Analysis

Dr. Sarah selected the social network analysis (SNA) tool to help the Board unpack ‘their role in the larger industry.’ The SNA tool explores social connections across participants – creating a visual representation of opportunities. Dr. Sarah had participants create SNA webs in pairs, then she facilitated large group sharing to maximize ideation and collaboration. The outcome of the activity debrief was a variety of opportunities for the participants to strategize with as they plan their initiatives.

Case Study - Leadership Workshop Skidmore Consulting // Lab Activity

Next Steps After the Leadership Workshop

Skidmore Consulting partners with clients long after the Leadership Lab!


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