Annual Training And Consulting Budget Tool

take the Headache Out of Annual Budgeting

One of the biggest pains our clients share with us each year is the hassle of putting together an annual budget. We’ve listened to our clients and created a simple way to make budgeting less painful when it comes to training and development, leadership training, strategic consulting, and more! Take the headache out of budgeting with the simple online tool from Skidmore Consulting. It’s as simple as one, two, three. 

  1. Complete our simple budgeting intake form below
  2. We will schedule a telehealth visit with a Leadership Doctor after we receive your budgeting intake form.
  3. After your telehealth doctor’s visit, we will send you a doctor created Tailored Treatment Plan (aka information you can simply drop into your annual budget)!

As always, we look forward to working with you to cultivate stronger people leaders, thriving teams, and sustainable organizations!

annual Training and consulting budget tool